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Imagine.  Implement.  Innovate.

BIG Visioneering is an innovation consultancy focused on building new bridges to the future for large organizations and corporations. Founded by Dipak M. Patel in 2011, BIG Visioneering combines a passion for imagination, invention, and disruption.

Why do we exist?
Startups have always been chartered with challenging status quo and developing disruptive technologies & markets.  Large enterprises are usually the targets of this disruption; yet have resources a startup could only dream to have. 

Our mission is to "agitate the gorillas" and have them participate in the disruption rather than defend against it.

We will do this by:
1.  Fostering a community of agitators, innovators, and entrepreneurs who have a passion to share their insights around the mindset, culture, and process of global innovation and disruption.

2.  Engaging with organizations and corporations who are appropriately motivated to grow through disruptive models. This includes disrupting their own market, adjacencies, or technologies and requires the willingness to bring a new mindset, which may shift current culture and processes.

Who are we?
We are a network of highly experienced technology, marketing, & business thinkers, tinkerers, and do-ers excited about Activating Enterprise Disruption™.

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